1. shashikumar c

    Shashikumar c
    i was submitted to my p.u marks card date on 4/7/2016 for the purpus of name curection. I dont know paied any fees in there. I was completed to p.u.c for the year of 2009-10 please send me massege how its prosisore.

  2. pallavi.n

    I had paied a money in bank. Of revaluation but my name is not yet showen in list please check the list my roll number 722996

  3. Syed Shah Farhal

    Please help me. I have paid money in bank for revaluation with challan.. But in net it’s showing challan number does not exist… Please help me…. Contact me 9241410275.. Challan number.1965711001
    Reg no. 196571

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